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Finding the right IT support

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Where to begin your search

Ask your colleagues and friends about who they use for their IT and cyber security needs. Personal recommendations are a brilliant way to get in contact with trustworthy tech support. Simply searching for “tech support” on the internet can also turn up helpful results. Search for support specifically in your area to find IT pros nearby.  

What you should look for

You want to find an IT professional who not only understands what technology your business uses, but how your business operates altogether. This way, they know exactly what your business needs and how to best protect it from cyber attacks. This person should also be able to explain tech issues to you in simple and easy to understand terms. You also want to keep an eye out for their credentials. Take a look through their certifications and experience to see if their background fits your business’s needs. A great way to fill in the gaps is by taking the time to have a conversation with this person. You’ll not only find out more about them, but you’ll have the opportunity to see if you work well together too.

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What to watch out for

It’s best to avoid IT professionals who speak in jargon, you’re going to need someone to explain cyber security issues to you and your team using simple language. Stay clear of IT consultants that promote a single product or brand as a solution for all tech and cyber security needs. This often means that you won’t be getting the in-depth help you need.

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John Finch computers focus on providing professional affordable IT support and know the Cyber Alarm platform inside out.

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